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I snuck in a very tardy post for October at www.douglascountybirding.blogspot.com<http://www.douglascountybirding.blogspot.com>, and just got back from my November trip. The needs list is thin, so I only added one bird per trip - in October, I found a Golden-crowned Sparrow for 203; November tried to throw me a no-hitter, but I added a heard-only Lapland Longspur today (204) just before leaving the county for home. It felt very much like breaking up a no-hitter with a bunt single in the 9th.

Highlights from yesterday and today will largely be visual once I get the blog post together - the skies were absolutely stunning. I focused on the Waterville Plateau, checking every pile of rocks in every endless field for a Gyrfalcon, and continuing the search for the Most Sincere Sagepatch in hopes that the Great Sage-Grouse would appear. No snow to speak of in the county right now, so obviously no Snow Buntings or Snowy Owls (which, I am pretty sure, eat snow), but Northern Shrikes and Rough-legged Hawks were plentiful, and I even came across a handful of Great Horned Owls, a couple Golden Eagles, and an American Tree Sparrow. Big Bend Wildlife Area was nearly bird free, although I did have a half-dozen Wild Turkeys in the road on the way in.

A Barred Owl made at least a brief stop in Bridgeport. I gave chase this morning, but was not able to find it, but it was still nice to add Meredith Spencer to my year list!


Tim Brennan
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Douglas County Birding<http://www.douglascountybirding.blogspot.com/>
A dozen or so birding trips to Douglas County in Washington State in 2021, featuring stunning landscapes, decent pictures of food, and forgettable images of birds.

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