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My message to Mark keeps bouncing back, so I’m sending it to tweeters with apologies.


Hi Mark,

I have used Media Pro for 17 years and love it, but it is not made or supported any more by Phase One, the company that finally produced it. I’m in a tizzy because I can’t upgrade my Mac system any more without killing that program and the information stored with our 250,000+ digital photos.

People have told me that Capture One will port over all the info from Media Pro, but I bought that program and haven’t been able to do it yet. It is to me an incredibly complicated program, like Lightroom used for both storage and processing, but it seems to go well beyond Lightroom in complexity. I would have switched to Lightroom long ago, but the “Description” info in Media Pro that includes the location and photographer for every photo we’ve taken wouldn’t transfer to Lightroom. The date is in the photo Exif and would transfer.

One person wrote me and recommended digiKam. It does both organizing and editing, and you might check it out.

Good luck!


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> Dennis

> I am just starting to hunt about for a photo cataloging program instead of relying on Lightroom. If you can spare the time to share what you learn, let me know


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>> Hi tweeters,


>> This is about birds, or at least bird photos. Are there any photographers out there who uses Capture One as their photo cataloging program? I am trying to use it and failing miserably, and I could use guidance. Please email me off tweeters if you are willing to help, and thanks!


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