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Mon Nov 29 00:18:13 PST 2021

I’m no scientist, so interpret my opinion as you will- but as far as I
know, a forked tail is a characteristic of just about every North American
finch species. It’s true that the tail is a little deeper forked on a
Purple Finch, but that doesn’t mean a House Finch couldn’t potentially show
just as deep a forked tail in the right scenario. If you wanted to ID a
Purple Finch, the first thing i’d look for (in a male) is the extensive red
in the sides, auriculars, wing bars, back, and tertials. For a female, the
coarse streaking on the sides and white eyebrow/malar are usually pretty
diagnostic (unless your thinking about Cassin’s Finch). I personally
wouldn’t use the degree of forking in the tail as a distinguishing field
mark, but then again, I have little experience with either species.

Good birding, Alex Sowers

On Sun, Nov 28, 2021 at 7:19 PM Nelson Briefer <nreiferb at gmail.com> wrote:

> I would think that only a scientist can answer my question. I have

> observed many photos of House Finches. And many of them photos show that

> the bird has a short tail which is notched. But, this is a strong

> characteristic of the Purple Finch, not a House Finch. Also, regarding

> these photos there is never a mention or an interest in this occurrence,

> never an explanation! Nelson Briefer- Anacortes.

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