[Tweeters] lovely day to double bluff whidbey

BRAD Liljequist bradliljequist at msn.com
Fri Nov 26 21:46:36 PST 2021

Nice day out, between the rain pulses.

Ferry over to Whidbey from Mukilteo - big mixed flock of Surf Scoters and Barrow Goldeneye - counted about 430. At what must have been a tidal edge, between the landing and Hat Island, about 300 Red Necked Grebes. Nice to see large numbers. We watched the Scoters diving along the ferry pilings - maybe the ferry hits the pilings and rubs off barnacles? Hard to know what's going on, but definitely lots of diving and eating going on during the ferry holdover. I have the feeling someone can fill in.

Double Bluff - lots of great birds, Common Loons, Surf Scoters, many Harlequin (30 total?), Horned Grebes, and gratefully three White Winged Scoters - it had been a while.

Love this outing from Seattle - a nice wild beach, four miles out and back, amazing geology, a pleasant day out.

Brad Liljequist
Phinney Ridge, Seattle
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