[Tweeters] re. Everett sewage ponds access

Jonathan Houghton jonbirder at comcast.net
Fri Nov 26 17:20:51 PST 2021

Hi Amit - If no one has gotten back to you off line, (I would have except my Tweeters no lnonger shows the email for senders!?) access to view the ponds is easy and public, although the ponds themselves are in a fenced off restricted area. Best perspective for viewing is through a chain link gate. Take Smith Island Rd south under I-5 and continue onto 4th Street SE (probably not marked). Park at Spencer Is Park Parking area (Several birders' cars have been broken into here!). A short walk east on the paved road get's to the gate to the pump station where you can look north into the main pond where the Tufty has been hanging out. Sometimes, it's been so close to the concrete wall that it was necessary to continue east along 4th and walk north on the east dike of the pond to scope back toward the pump station. Good luck!! - Jon Houghton, Edmonds jonbirder at comcast.net mailto:jonbirder at comcast.netm
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