[Tweeters] Subject: Re: Unusual Anna's Hummingbird Feeding Behavior

Cathy Scott catsbow at gmail.com
Thu Nov 25 12:26:16 PST 2021

I've been feeding and planting flowers for the hummingbirds for over 20
years. Samish Flats area close to Padilla Bay. I almost always have mass
hummingbirds at individual feeders. For a week or two a year, a lot will
go on vacation. I actually look forward to the break.

I have six feeders up. 3 are 40 ounce and 3 are 72 ounce. The 3 72 oz.
are the ones that the hummingbird majority currently gather at. There are
usually more hummers than flowers but they smoosh in and take turns. It
takes them a little over a day to empty the 3 72 oz. Over the years, all of
a sudden they will decide they like the other 3 (out back - 72 oz. out
front) and so I'll put the big ones out back and the smaller out front.
They switch one or two times a year. It's been like this pretty much over
the years.

There are usually too many for a bully to be able to keep them away but
once in awhile, one will be successful for a bit. I think the bully
usually gives up and becomes part of the gang.

As an aside, I keep feeders up in the winter too. Since I don't have
electrical outlets close to any but one, I have devised a way to bungee a
handwarmer on the bottom and another one or two around the jug. Works
great for freezing weather.

Cathy Scott
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