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Tweets – It was a very nice morning, though a nippy 32 degrees at the start. Not too dark, no wind, no precipitation; it should have been a fabulous day. But for large stretches, there were also no birds. We did have some good looks, though.

a.. Cackling Goose – 1500, conservatively. Most landed in the park. More than just minima subspecies
b.. American Wigeon? – Flock of about 20 ducks that looked like wigeon flew by
c.. Common Goldeneye – At least three on the east edge of the lake, seen by Brian and I on a late scan of the lake
d.. Wilson’s Snipe – Some nice looks at 3-4 at the weir
e.. MOURNING DOVE – One flying around over the meadows
f.. Western Screech-Owl – Two sightings of single birds during the pre-dawn owling
g.. Hairy Woodpecker – One just south of the East Meadow. First since September
h.. Northern Shrike – Good looks in the East Meadow
i.. American Robin – More ubiquitous than usual
j.. Cedar Waxwing – A few scattered, plus a flock of ~10 east of the East Meadow
k.. Fox Sparrow – Notably numerous
l.. ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER – Bright beauty in the Pea Patch (thanks Mark). We’ve had just a dozen sightings total during the months of Nov-Jan
Misses today included Ring-Necked Duck, Common Merganser, Downy Woodpecker, Marsh Wren, Purple Finch, American Goldfinch, and Lincoln’s Sparrow. And while they don’t quite reach the criteria for my “Missing” list, we also had no Green-winged Teal nor Anna’s Hummingbird. And only finding them on my way out of the park kept us from missing Rock Pigeon and European Starling!

With Matt having to work (it’s Wednesday), and other top birders such as Jordan and Mason not present, I’m not surprised we came up with a somewhat small total of 54 species today (counting wigeon(?) and scaup sp.)

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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