[Tweeters] mergansers and alcids at Pt Wilson, Port Townsend

Steve Hampton stevechampton at gmail.com
Mon Nov 22 16:46:40 PST 2021

This morning there was a strong push of alcids, southbound into the wind,
around Pt Wilson, with especially good numbers of Common Murres and Ancient

Getting back to the mergansers previous discussed, perhaps David Grainger
and I were both right. Today I photographed a mixed flock of 26
Red-breasted and 20 Common Mergansers herding fish in the shallows

Full list and pics at https://ebird.org/checklist/S97933441.

Elsewhere near PT, south of Chimicum on Central Rd there's a pulloff by a
big green sign that says "Thank you". This is Jefferson Open Space and you
can park there and walk a little. There's a group of 36 Trumpeter and 4
Tundra Swans, providing nice comparisons. Pics at

good birding,

Steve Hampton
Port Townsend (Qatay), WA
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