[Tweeters] Marymoor Park (Redmond, King Co.) 2021-11-18

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Thu Nov 18 15:28:08 PST 2021

Tweeters – this morning was wonderful. Not too cold, not breezy, no precipitation, not too dark, not too flooded. We had a big group and we all really enjoyed the day, I think. The birds were pretty cooperative, and though we didn’t have any particular rarities we did have some “less expected” birds.

a.. Snow Goose – single bird just after 7:30 circled the flock of gulls that were sitting on the grass, seemingly disappointed that white birds with black wingtips weren’t other Snow Geese
b.. Wood Duck – pair near Rowing Club dock
c.. Green-winged Teal – three below weir
d.. Ring-necked Pheasant – heard “Lonesome George II” for the first time in seven weeks – he lives!
e.. Western Grebe – one on the lake
f.. Northern Harrier – adult male(!) in the East Meadow – we rarely get adult males at the park
g.. Great Horned Owl – Eric heard 1 or 2 very early
h.. Peregrine Falcon – adult perched east of the boardwalk. At the park we’ve rarely seen perched PEFA and rarely definite adults. The bird was buzzed by a COOPER’S HAWK
i.. Cedar Waxwing – quite a few, scattered, hanging with American Robins
j.. Savannah Sparrow – one still present, East Meadow
k.. White-throated Sparrow – one with other Zonos NE of the weir
l.. Western Meadowlark – two seen near model airplane field at 7:15
m.. Yellow-rumped Warbler – a few scattered sightings, maybe 4 birds in all, after three weeks of “misses”
A late scan of the lake turned up a HORNED GREBE, and a flock of about 20 RED-WINGED BLACKBIRDS perched in a tree which later flew towards the Lake Platform. As I was leaving the park, I spotted the only definite ROCK PIGEONS of the day up near Hwy 520.

I got word (and photos) that a LONG-EARED OWL was found dead in the park a couple of days ago

Misses today were few: Gadwall, Ring-necked Duck, Northern Shrike, and Marsh Wren. Hopefully, duck diversity will increase starting next week.

For the (very pleasant) day, 65 species!
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