[Tweeters] Edmonds Seawatching

Josh Adams xjoshx at gmail.com
Tue Nov 16 14:38:48 PST 2021

Hello Tweets,
The weather conditions yesterday looked like some of the best I've ever
seen for bringing pelagic birds into Puget Sound with 40+mph winds blowing
from the west down the strait all day and most of the Monday night. I
arrived at Edmonds this morning at sunrise and found Mark Walton already
there. Several other birders joined us throughout the morning.

Short-Tailed Shearwater - At least two seen during the morning.
Tubenose Sp. - Seen early. Probable Northern Fulmar by flight style, but
the light was too poor to say confidently.
Red Phalarope - Spotted by David Poortinga on the water fairly close to the
pier where it fed for several minutes.
Cassin's Auklet - Seen distantly only by me distantly flying south and then
Short-Eared Owl - Flying south out in the middle of Puget Sound. I know
these have been seen migrating over the sound before so I was thrilled to
finally see it in action.
Surfbirds - Continued on the breakwater. I only saw 4, but others had more.

Josh Adams
Cathcart, WA
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