[Tweeters] The Everett-Marysville CBC is baaack--looking for team lead to do Everett STP & Spencer on January 1st; good birds nearby (yesterday, 11/13)

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With CBC season getting closer, and the Everett-Marysville CBC running once again this coming New Year's Day, I scouted the private Pacific Topsoils property at the north side of the Snohomish River mouth. Though not open to the public, thought I'd pass along that the birding was excellent yesterday morning, with over 60 species present.

Two very approachable Black Phoebes were found; we seem to have a harder time finding them in Snohomish County than either Skagit to the north or King to the south. Then I spent time photographing an apparent juv. Greater Scaup x Tufted Duck. I say apparent, because in this plumage, identification is tricky at best. The photos are dark, but you can see the limited tuft on the head, among other details. Lastly, a real late Wilson's Warbler grabbed my attention. Full list with photos at eBird Checklist - 13 Nov 2021 - Pacific Topsoils (restricted access) - 67 species (+10 other taxa)<https://ebird.org/checklist/S97604757>.

CBC Newsflash: the Everett Sewage Treatment Plant and Spencer Island are open to an experienced birder or two to cover on January 1st! Please contact me off line if interested. This is perhaps the most crucial spot on our Everett-Marysville CBC, so we arrange access inside the gate with Snohomish County, although I will be calling to make sure we get our usual access. The abundance and diversity of birds in this area are remarkable in winter, with ducks, gulls, and raptors galore, plenty of passerines as well, and there is a new raised dike walk heading north off the east side of the STP that improves chances for shorebirds and open-county species, e.g., Northern Shrike.

Scott Atkinson
scottratkinson at hotmail.com
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