[Tweeters] Neah Bay Closure

mbjunk at wavecable.com mbjunk at wavecable.com
Thu Nov 11 20:23:21 PST 2021

There seems to be some confusion on birding access at Neah Bay. The Makah Reservation is still closed to outsiders due to Covid. That closure is not just for the town of Neah Bay, but is for the entire Reservation. The area known as "The Wedge" is part of the Reservation and thus is also closed for outsider access.

We know many are anxious to return to the birds of Neah Bay, but for now we need to honor the current closure so that good relations are maintained between birders and the Tribe for eventual reopening of the area. So please respect the Tribe's current closure. You can still bird places like Snow Creek, Shipwreck, Clallam Bay and La Push. Thanks from the Clallam County Birders!

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