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Wed Nov 10 15:37:22 PST 2021

Since this was in a marina, there is the possibility that the heron had
discovered a rat-bait station and ingested pieces of the bait which does
get broken into smaller chunks by rodents over time. If a big heron
investigated it, the box might have been picked up, shaken, and pieces
fell out. Just my hunch; I'm not expert on the subject, but owned boats
for over thirty years. Every marina in which I kept a boat always had
rat problems, and always were pretty careless about where they placed
their bait stations. Let's hope this was not the case, but it is a
possibility.. Dave Grainger

On 2021-11-10 15:14, Margaret Sandelin wrote:

> This morning a friend and I went to Shilshoal marina to walk and look

> for/at birds. We walked to the south end by Seaview boats and looking

> down on the docks saw a great blue heron very close. We then got

> distracted seeing a bald eagle and when we looked back at the heron it

> was lying down on the dock. Is this at all normal as neither of us

> has ever seen a heron lying down - so wondered, worried it might be

> ill? However, it looked ok - eye clear, no indication of damage to

> its body.

> Margaret Sandelin

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