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NOVEMBER MEETING – PRESENTED ON ZOOM Last Updated: October 23, 2021


*The Dinosaurs Among Us Presented by: Dr. Kim Adelson Tuesday, November
9, 7:00 PM*

[image: meeting]Virtually all paleontologists agree that birds evolved from
dinosaurs, and most even believe that birds are, in fact, real living
dinosaurs. The flood of new data coming from newly discovered fossil beds –
primarily from China – has only solidified that position. Learn about the
structural and behavioral similarities between birds and the more “classic”
dinosaurs they evolved from. You will not only be surprised as to how
dinosaur-like birds are, but also how very bird-like dinosaurs were. You
will never think about *T. rex *or mallards or chickadees in the same way

Kim Adelson was a professor of psychology for almost 30 years; she has won
teaching awards at 3 different universities. Before she switched fields to
better study behavioral evolution, she earned a master’s degree in
evolutionary biology. Paleontology has been one of her avocations since she
was a child. She is an avid bird watcher and is on the Boards of the Black
Hills Audubon Society and the Friends of the Nisqually National Wildlife

Register for this Zoom event at: https://bit.ly/nov9sas Preregistration is
required and is limited to 100 attendees. Please only one registrant per
household. After you register you will receive an email with the link to
sign in at the time of the event. Questions? Please contact
carlajhelm at comcast.net.

If you missed the excellent Oct. 12th presentation by David B. Williams
about his recent book, *Homewaters: A Human and Natural History of Puget
Sound, *here is the link to the recording: https://youtu.be/rb_gfnIXw7c
Jeff Osmundson
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