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Sammy Catiis hikersammy at msn.com
Sat Nov 6 22:15:16 PDT 2021

Just wanted to throw this out there.. years ago, on Vancouver Island, there was a nest of Stellars Sea Eagle with a Bald Eagle, and have produced hybrids or maybe it was the Hybrid that nested there? I did find this article .. and I have seen 2 Stellar Hybrid since.. 1 was a photo posted on FB clearly a Hybrid, no doubts.. out in the Skagit Flats, and the other was here in Sequim.. I believe 3 Crabs area. When I seen the photo of the one several years ago, I threw up a flag about how unusual that was and did some homework (which didn’t include ebird) to find out that they were nesting just across the border, so it made since one would be in the Skagit right?

So, since this thread, I was wondering what the excitement was all about. I have tried to find the original notes but to no avail. I did find this link though : British Columbia (unm.edu)<https://sora.unm.edu/sites/default/files/journals/nab/v059n02/p00311-p00312.pdf> to a PDF on them where Ornithology experts confirmed that they were indeed likely hybrids. Maybe this got forgotten? Or perhaps unnoticed? I thought it was pretty cool at the time but nobody seemed to share in my excitement and not seeing the bird first hand and only photos that friends took.. I wasn’t able to record it as such.

Just food for thought on the matter..
Sequim If I find the photo or post, I’ll post it?

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