[Tweeters] A Tale of Two Sparrows, or what the Dickens!

Robert O'Brien baro at pdx.edu
Fri Nov 5 20:00:42 PDT 2021

I agree completely with Dennis about posting photos to tweeters. Is there
some real reason for this other than simply custom? Oregon's obol has
allowed photos for many years. Normally you're supposed to only submit a
single photo with an email, but people occasionally submit more and I
haven't heard any complaints. I'm pretty sure OBOL's no photos dated back
to the time when people used dial-up to get on the internet and downloading
photos with extremely slow. Bob O'Brien Portland

On Friday, November 5, 2021, Dennis Paulson <dennispaulson at comcast.net>

> Hello, tweets.


> I was pleased to see and photograph an immature White-throated Sparrow in

> our Seattle yard on 4 November. Yesterday, 5 November, I got a glimpse of

> it again. But wait—was that the same bird? It really looked brighter to me,

> but as I grabbed the camera, it disappeared into the bushes and never came

> out during a lengthy vigilance. I figured I must have not seen it well

> enough, as surely it was the same bird, but I held out hope that I would

> see it again.


> And sure enough, this afternoon Netta called out “here it is again,” and

> again it left the yard just as I got to the dining room. But this time I

> stood there with the camera, willing it to come back, and finally it did, a

> brightly marked adult bird with a few lost tail feathers growing in (cats

> all over the neighborhood), easily distinguishing it from the previous

> bird. So two different White-throated Sparrows in the yard over a three-day

> period, pretty cool. In 30 years of living here, we have seen seven of them

> in the yard, one in spring (6 May) and six in fall (22 Sep-5 Nov).


> As always, I’m sorry there is no way to attach photos of these neat birds!

> This is surely one of the reasons so many people have migrated from

> listservs to Facebook groups.


> Dennis Paulson

> Seattle

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