[Tweeters] Lewis's Woodpeckers at Fort Simcoe

Andy Stepniewski steppie at nwinfo.net
Thu Nov 4 09:13:24 PDT 2021

Yakkers and Tweeters,

I did a walk at fort Simcoe in Yakima County Tuesday 2 November. It was
cool, about 45 F, overcast, and quite calm. Throughout my walk through the
stately Oregon White Oak groves on the perimeter trail, Lewis's Woodpeckers
were calling and swooping about. Counting all these lovely woodpeckers was a
challenge because so many were in the air, sailing and soaring, and
appearing to be flycatching though the temperature would seem to preclude
this activity. In early afternoon, I happened to look skyward and counted
these birds, 65 at one time! Moments later the number was much less. Though
there is an abundant crop of acorns on the trees and the ground, I could see
tiny aerial insects of some sort in the air. With such an abundant source of
easy-to-obtain mast, I thought it odd the energy expenditure in flycatching
by the woodpeckers was apparently worthwhile for such as tiny bit of

Andy Stepniewski

Yakima WA

steppie at nwinfo.net

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