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Hi everyone,

Just a quick note that the berm around the Cranes' Landing is private
property and posted "No Entry." The berms were created to prevent
disturbance to foraging Sandhill Cranes in a very popular multi-use area.

There are a few locations that allow for viewing into the property. One is
the paved dike trail heading east from BluRock Landing. It is high enough
to allow for viewing over the berm into the fields. Another is from the
gate where that trail turns north and crosses the road (a marked
crosswalk). Just after crossing the road, there is a marked Columbia Land
Trust gate. You can view from this gate, but do not go past it. Another
gate is along the road just to the north of BluRock Landing, on the east
side of the road, about half-way on the straight section of road.

A bit further along, there is a large cyclone-fence gate. There is very
little viewing opportunity from this location and you cannot go past the
gate, even if it is open.

For the fields on the west side of the road, north of BluRock, go up to
Frenchman's Bar Park, head to the south parking areas, view from the lots
here or walk the south trail for viewing into those fields. This field is
very popular with both geese and cranes during the winter months.


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