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Jim Elder jelder at meteorcomm.com
Mon Nov 1 19:15:19 PDT 2021

Yesterday, many people saw the Long-Eared Owl on Queen Anne at the corner of McGraw and Nob Hill Ave in Seattle. As it happens I live just a couple blocks from there. I did walk over there around 8 AM today (Monday) but did not find it again. Of course there are many trees and I had neither time nor patience to inspect all of them. However I did hear an owl just a few minutes ago (6:20 PM) from my house. We have at least one resident Barred Owl in the neighborhood and I have probably heard it a half dozen times in the last month including last night. However the most common call I hear is a slurred note that I refer to as a whooaw call. It is pretty similar to the last phrase of the full Barred owl call. I could not detect the slur in the call I just heard and it seemed to be just a long single note whoo. It sounded as if it was across the ravine from me which would behind the houses on Nob Hill about a block north of where the Long-eared Owl was yesterday. It called about four or five times and I didn't get outside until the last couple. Considering the ambient traffic noise from the Aurora bridge, it is possible I just didn't hear the inflection. My conclusion: probably this was our neighborhood Barred Owl but it did sound slightly different from usual and I can't rule out the Long-Eared Owl. Do any of our resident owl experts know if Long-Eared Owls vocalise when they are not in their usual home territory?

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