[Tweeters] Horned Puffin on Smith Island-- and viewing RFI

Mary Saylor birder at pottersaylor.com
Thu May 27 09:57:05 PDT 2021

So I’ll just share a couple of the notable rarities I’m seeing today on eBird through the Birder’s Dashboard.(http://birdingwashington.info/dashboard/wa/) Alex Patia photographed a Horned Puffin near Smith Island on Whidbey (Island County). Apparently this is also a nesting location for Tufted Puffin, and Alex saw those too. I don’t know how they were viewed, but I imagine it must have been by boat. Years ago I joined in when a number of birders rented a boat to chase another Horned Puffin that was in the San Juans. We whiffed on that though it was a really nice day out on the water. Perhaps some Tweeters would want to do the same for Smith Island.



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