[Tweeters] Little Stint, swing and miss from yesterday

Cara Borre cmborre1 at gmail.com
Thu May 27 06:26:45 PDT 2021

Hello Tweets:

I'm sad to report not finding the Little Stint at Eide Road yesterday. We
arrived about 3pm at low tide and stayed until almost 7pm, which was high
tide. Very few shorebirds in general, but the small crowd had their
heartbeats raised briefly when 5 peeps appeared and landed for close
inspection close to high tide. Though one was perhaps smaller, with a
slightly shorter bill, it looked like the others and all were identified as
Western Sandpiper, the smaller one perhaps a male. Plumage was very much
the same as the others and had none of the extensive rufous tones of the

During our search, Ian MacGregor spotted 3-4 Yellow-headed Blackbird across
the river which were rare for the area. He also regaled us of his world
birding travels, whetting our appetite to return to that activity soon.

I was slow to find out about this bird and admit I don't get Tweeters
digests and probably don't use eBird alerts to their fullest. I appreciate
Dave Slager and others posting to Tweeters and encourage eBird users to
also put the word out with details on Tweeters when they've spotted a rare
bird. There are many birders who don't use eBird and I'm sure
they appreciate the Tweeters posts. Though humbling, I think these "swing
and miss" reports are also of use as many of us travel long distances in
hopes of relocating rare birds.

Cara Borre
Gig Harbor
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