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I wanted to pass along a clarification regarding access to the Waterville STP over in Douglas County. I was under the impression that the signage around the place indicated that it was not available for public access. Meredith Spencer from Bridgeport passed this along to me, and I'd say it's about as authoritative as it can get:

"I have lived in Bridgeport for many, many years and have birded the
Waterville sewer plant. Last Tues., May 25th I stopped at their City
Hall and asked if I could still bird there. I was told, yes! It is nice
if you let someone at City Hall know you plan to be there, but they didn't
say it was required. Later, while I was there birding, Marty came by. He
is the one in charge and said birders are always welcome! He remembered
meeting me several years ago. The signs people were seeing near there
were not put up by the city, but someone with neighboring property. Marty
said birders are always welcome!!"

So there's a little bit of good news! I know in years past, I've found some good shorebirds in there, and there was even a report of an American Bittern a few weeks back, which is not an easy bird in Douglas! Apologies if I passed along misinformation, but I had heard somewhere along the way from other birders that it was not open to public access.

Happy birding!

Tim Brennan
tsbrennan at hotmail dot com
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