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David and I just rt’d from Eide Rd and the Little Stint. When we arrived at 4:30 pm, a group of birders had the stint in their scopes, but quite far out. Joshua Glant seemed best able to get the growing crowd on the bird, id’d by its smaller size and shorter bill than the Western Sands. At the distance—the small shorebird flock was on some small islands close to one of the stakes in the middle of the wet/muddy area—color was not really evident, just dark markings on the neck. High tide was just after 6pm and predicted at 7 ft. As the tide came in covering the small islands with water, the peeps took off to the left. I was able to follow them with bins and saw that they landed not far from the end of the path. The group headed out there, and looks were still excellent at 6 when we left. What a beauty! I called it rosy, but the Sibley says orange. Whatever, it is quite nicely colored in comparison with the Westerns. Also present were a couple of Whimbrels in the mud before the tide came in and 20 in flight as we were leaving. And 2 female Wilsons’s Phalaropes at the end of the trail were foraging with the peeps. Plus a BW Teal pair, also at the trail terminus. No mud walking was required and scope views were great!
Penny Koyama, Bothell

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The Little Stint was still present as of 3:15 at Eide Rd., Stanwood, Snohomish County, as it has been all day.

You'll need to walk to the end of the dike, and then another 0.2 miles to just past the grove of dead willows. The stint was loosely hanging out with a scattered collection of Western Sandpipers, 20-30 yards from the remnant of the old road.

You will get a little muddy, but if you're careful, the mud won't be more than an inch deep.

The orange on the upper breast (and stronger orange tones on back and crown), the short, straight bill, and the cute orange-and white face help to distinguish it from the various Westerns.

Good luck.

- Michael Hobbs

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