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Tim Brennan tsbrennan at hotmail.com
Mon May 24 20:46:47 PDT 2021

Hey Tweets,

I popped by the beach area at Lake Sammamish State Park at about 7:20, and got to see the three American Avocets in flight across the water as I approached. They had me worried for a minute because they just kept going right off towards Cougar Mountain. . . but then they turned around - phew! But then they continued East and disappeared on me. I waited for about ten minutes with no sign of them.

I would say "Oh well, they're gone," but I did see another report on eBird that went about the same. The birds "flew off towards North Bend", which sounds just about right. This was from an hour or two before me, and they appear to have returned. So they may very well be worth a chase still. Also got to watch a beaver having a meal at the mouth of the creek as I waited, which was a treat as well.


Tim Brennan
tsbrennan at hotmail dot com
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