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Really need to narrow it down. Each Island is different, each offers different birds, and some (especially natives) are very hard to find and localized.

I would recommend the Big Island and book trips with Hawaii Forest and Trail. They will have access to the very reserved Hakalau NWR where a number of the rare natives are possible. In the lowlands of each island there will be a wide variety of introduced exotics and some native migrants and (on some islands) seabirds up to and including albatross.

So, I would suggest finding an island that has the amenities (beaches, snorkeling, surfing, whatever) and then look into what birding is available. As I said, each island will have some treasures to see.

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> Hi all,


> I am considering a trip to Hawaii. I've never been and I haven't taken a true vacation in several years. I am wondering if anyone has gone birding there and if so they have recommendations of good birding spots?


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> Molly

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