[Tweeters] Bob Sundstrom

David Hutchinson florafaunabooks at hotmail.com
Mon May 24 09:57:39 PDT 2021

Just back in town to hear the sad but expected news
about our delightful colleague Bob. Can't say I knew him
super well, but there was a period of years when we were both
directors on the Seattle Audubon Board and saw each
often. He was obviously intelligent, charming and
apparently buttoned-down but he had a great sense of
humor behind that. Obviously he knew many feathers
of many birds, but I still remember his pleasure in
seeing the Kagu on one of his many trips to a
remote corners of the world. We also shared
our relief when staying on Hazel Wolf's good
side. Bob will always be missed, not just for
his skills but his nature.

David at F & F.
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