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Hi Carl,      I am also new to the area and often find eBird location markers and Tweeters descriptions don't always lead me to the place where the birds are, and once there, it's often not obvious where it is permitted or not permitted to walk, to approach the birds. M Street Marsh is a large north-south pond off a two-lane highway. For viewing, there is a dirt/grass road to the south of it, which turns and runs up the east side of the pond. So, you are best to bring a scope, since the shorebirds are often too far from the dirt road to be identified with binoculars. To the south of the large pond is a smaller pond, largely blocked from view by reeds. It is best seen from the highway to the east, though you can get glimpses of it from the east-west section of the dirt road.     Hope that's helpful,     Charlie Ford 

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can someone help me locate the M Street Marsh in Auburn?  it is not listed in the Birders' Guide to Washington, and is (of course) unknown to Google Maps.
Chris Kessler

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In addition to the continuing Pectoral Sandpiper, there is currently (3:30) a Semipalmated Sandpiper on the far side of the southernmost pond. It seems to follow the resident pair of Spotties. Also three late Gr Yellowlegs, three LB Dowitchers, adorable pair of downy Killdeer chicks, and FOUR Lazuli Buntings

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