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Sun May 16 21:53:57 PDT 2021

The small flycatcher at the very top of the dead tree looked different in each photo, but each one was a Olive Sided Flycatcher. So first of year was just 2, counting the Dipper.

But the really big news is I found a life bird from our eastern Wa trip, July, 2019. When we drove Mary Ann Creek rd, I saw a woodpecker on my side of the car that I couldn’t identify. I got a dozen very good pictures. So I put it on Pbase in a folder called Unidentified Birds. Well, someone on Pbase said it was a Yellow Bellied Sapsucker. And my photo looks just like the field guides. And I’ve never seen one before! Now 434 lifers. https://pbase.com/alndonna/image/170903402

Next I went to eBird to see how common they were. In 20 years, only 1 has been reported between Idaho and Darrington, WA. Really rare. I thought about telling Tweeters, but they like to report recent sightings.

Al in Tacoma

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