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The amount of water in Atkins Lake, and many of the other lakes on the Waterville Plateau, depends upon a variety of factors. The amount of precipitation is only one, but it has been very dry this past winter and spring. Another factor is crop rotation, which affects drainage into the low spots, such as Atkins Lake. Farmers on the Waterville Plateau only plant a specific field every other year as it takes two years of moisture to produce a suitable crop. So, yes, Atkins Lake as well as the ponds on Heritage Rd and others, come and go. When Atkins Lake is good, it’s very good. When it’s dry, the grower grows wheat.

—Jerry Tangren
East Wenatchee

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Hello again!

I got a question emailed to me, and I have the same question: What's up with Atkins Lake? There's a location on eBird, and nearly any mapping software will put a big blue blob in the same spot, but at present, it's empty with what appears to be new plantings. A block or so to the west, there's a sizable pond/flooded field/lake... there's a bunch of water. Is that Atkins Lake now? has that other lake always been there? Will the other Atkins Lake come back? Is this just like... a crop circle situation where people come out at night and move lakes and blame it on aliens?

Bird-wise, we just want the shorebirds back, but my curiosity now officially extends beyond that.

To me it was interesting that Atkins Jr (that's its name now) had no shorebirds, and just a handful of ducks, despite having some decent mud on its shores.


Tim Brennan
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