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Tim Brennan tsbrennan at hotmail.com
Sun May 16 09:22:48 PDT 2021

Hello again!

I got a question emailed to me, and I have the same question: What's up with Atkins Lake? There's a location on eBird, and nearly any mapping software will put a big blue blob in the same spot, but at present, it's empty with what appears to be new plantings. A block or so to the west, there's a sizable pond/flooded field/lake... there's a bunch of water. Is that Atkins Lake now? has that other lake always been there? Will the other Atkins Lake come back? Is this just like... a crop circle situation where people come out at night and move lakes and blame it on aliens?

Bird-wise, we just want the shorebirds back, but my curiosity now officially extends beyond that.

To me it was interesting that Atkins Jr (that's its name now) had no shorebirds, and just a handful of ducks, despite having some decent mud on its shores.


Tim Brennan
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