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Thu May 13 21:58:33 PDT 2021

Agree, very light so far. Had a warbling vireo in yard last week. Wilson’s warblers singing in yard for over a week and orange crowned warblers here and there but only one at a time. Highlight was a group of 6 golden crowned sparrows that dropped for a week and departed together likely. Also in Phinney Ridge.

Lots of territorial singing this week. Bewicks wren’s nest fledged (I hope). Black capped chickadees still visiting nest box. Another pair of bc chickadees courting in yard.


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On May 13, 2021, at 9:08 PM, BRAD Liljequist <bradliljequist at msn.com> wrote:

Alan Grenon mentioned this last week - but I am really feeling the dearth of birds right now - sort of feel like there's been almost no migration. But, maybe the nice weather has kept birds high over the City, flying at night, etc.?

Migration so far this year:
A couple of Western Tanagers, heard not seen, Phinney Ridge
This morning, a very welcome Wilson's Warbler at our Phinney Ridge bird bath.
Last weekend on Obstruction Island, a few Orange Crowned and 3-4 Townsend's Warblers.
That's it. I really keep my ears open this time of year, windows rolled down, etc.. I'm just not seeing or hearing it.

Any thoughts or reactions?

Brad Liljequist
Phinney Ridge
Seattle, WA
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