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Tweets – it was a bit chilly (48 degrees to start, with some ground fog), and didn’t get sunny until near the end, but it was a very good day for birding. Bird numbers were up, even as bird species numbers dropped (as expected). Most of the “winter” birds have left, as have some pass-through migrants. Summer birds are slowly arriving.

a.. Northern Shoveler – three flyby birds are a late remnant
b.. Ring-necked Duck – Matt saw a pair pre-dawn, also lingering late (only 2 later sightings ever)
c.. Vaux’s Swift – just one, at the Rowing Club
d.. Spotted Sandpiper – one at the weir – First of Year (FOY)
e.. Belted Kingfisher – at least two; first in 5 weeks
f.. OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER – one perched high. 3rd earliest spring sighting ever (FOY)
g.. Warbling Vireo – more than 10
h.. Swainson’s Thrush – first actual sighting and first singing of the year; last week Matt heard some calls
i.. Red Crossbill – small flock at Rowing Club gave us good looks
j.. White-crowned Sparrow – one lingering “Gambeli” type, singing, had a bum right eye. A few of the expected “Pugetensis”
k.. Bullock’s Oriole – at least 4 (2 pair?)
l.. Orange-crowned Warbler – more than 10, only one glimpsed, rest heard-only
m.. Yellow Warbler – more than 10, with some good looks
n.. Wilson’s Warbler – more than 10, most heard-only
o.. Western Tanager – maybe 8, including several females
p.. Lazuli Bunting – one male seen briefly near Viewing Mound. Kazuto photographed one on Friday the 7th for FOY
A late scan of the lake turned up a COMMON LOON in non-breeding plumage, and at least 8 BALD EAGLES, including seven sub-adults.

Mammals today included AMERICAN BEAVER predawn, one MUSKRAT, and a LONG-TAILED WEASEL.

Misses today included Wood Duck, Rock Pigeon, Glaucous-winged Gull, Green Heron, and Cliff Swallow.

For the day, 67 species. For the year, adding 3, we’re up to 133 species.

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