[Tweeters] King Cty. shorebirds

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Wed May 12 15:10:32 PDT 2021


Wilson's Phalaropes are putting on a show, at least at M Street Marsh near Auburn, where a couple, then I'm told two more, appeared close to noon, having been absent earlier today, though three were reported yesterday. There was also a fly-by pair reported at the Fill this morning. Four, then nine Long-billed Dowitchers were there, and 11, then only 3 Least Sandpipers, one Greater Yellowlegs early, plus Spotted Sandpipers and Killdeer -- and two pipits later. One dark Red-tailed Hawk with very little light on the back was not like local birds.

We checked Veazie, too, (near Enumclaw), and it had 20 Long-billed Dowitchers, and a lot of Cinnamon Teal (at least 20), but nothing new or shocking.

Montlake Fill (Seattle) also reported more than a dozen Long-billed Dowitchers today.

12 May, 2021,

Alan Grenon
panmail AT mailfence.com

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