[Tweeters] Lark Sparrow - Ronald Bog Park, Shoreline

Joe Sweeney sweeneyfit at mac.com
Wed May 12 15:09:15 PDT 2021

After viewing my photos at home on my computer, I’m certain I photographed an adult LARK SPARROW at 11am this morning, Wednesday, at Ronald Bog Park in Shoreline (corner of NE 175th St and Meridian Ave N).

The sparrow was quite active, moving from the ground to different perches a few feet to several feet off the ground. After a couple of minutes, it flew west and out of the small park and across Meridian toward (or beyond) Meridian Park Elementary School. Maybe it will return to the park, or not.

If you want to try for it, from the park’s small parking lot, walk west beyond the prominent “X” artwork piece (keeping the artwork on your left) to the fence and look west, scanning the shallow portion of the pond. That’s where it was hanging out. You’ll be facing Meridian Ave.

There are a few young Killdeer in the grass; if the adults get really excited, you’ll know you are too close to their chicks.

I will post a few photos of the Lark Sparrow with my eBird report.

Good luck,

Joe Sweeney

sweeneyfit at mac dot com



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