[Tweeters] Pigeons and owl question

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I can see someone thinking Band-Tailed Pigeons would sound like owls what with their very owl-ish cooing. My flock that started out as 2 back in early March is now 89 strong. I got a cell photo of them feeding, enlarged the image, printed it and started counting. I texted the image to a videographer that was going to come out in late July early August to film their flight behavior. When he counted bird beaks he changed his plans and is coming out later this week.

Mary Hrudkaj

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Hi, Tweets

A few days ago we had two band-tailed pigeons - quite a "new" bird for years. When we moved in 30+ years ago, the sellers told us there were lots of owls in the woods. It turned out they were band-tailed pigeons - in big numbers. They gradually thinned out to nothing so I was surprised to see the two the other day. They haven't been back.

We are awaiting "our" barred owls that spent weeks in our yard last summer. My son hears them occasionally late at night, but I was wondering around when barred owls would fledge in our area (Bothell, lots of forest here).

And, don't forget: turkey vultures are heading north to nest . . . etc.

Cheers, Diann

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