[Tweeters] Yesler Swamp Pied-billed Grebe nest drama

Martin Muller martinmuller at msn.com
Mon May 10 20:03:00 PDT 2021


I am hoping to get in touch with folks who observed the drama that unfolded at the Union Bay Natural Area (aka Montlake Fill) Yesler Swam Pied-billed Grebe nest this Monday May 10th morning.

Larry Gilpin observed from 6:30 - 7:30 and all looked well. There were still six eggs (which were expected to hatch shortly). When he returned at 10:30 there was only one egg remaining and he was told by folks (including an eye witness) that the grebes were off the nest and only two eggs remained. That a grebe took one of those eggs from the nest and dove with it, and then appeared to eat the contents.

I am looking for any person or persons who observed (and maybe photographed or took video) the events that expired.

Larry mentioned a group of bird watchers were headed towards the nest area as he was leaving. Also, the person who observed the egg removal and possible cannibalism.

If you monitor other Seattle area birding email groups, please forward this message (I can barely keep up with Tweeters in digest mode…)

Any help in getting in touch with folks would be very much appreciated.

Martin Muller, Seattle
martinmuller at msn.com

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