[Tweeters] Evening Grosbeaks, Apology

beneteau beneteau at wavecable.com
Mon May 10 09:45:07 PDT 2021

Don't know if I should say sorry or not.  Noticed that there aren't many
reports in eBird of Evening Grosbeaks in northern Snohomish County. 
Don't know if this is normal every year (I don't browse eBird very
much-find it difficult) but most of the reports seem to be at my place
north of Arlington.

So, I might have hogged the market for these guys.  I used that word
advisedly--they don't have beaks at all, they have snouts! Critters,
15-25 of 'em, are going through 20 pounds plus of seed every week.  They
don't seem to actively chase off other birds very much (siskins sneak in
readily) but they are such a crowd that no one else can fit!

So, sorry, didn't mean to keep them all in my yard every bloomin' day,

Jim Beneteau
Arlington, Wa

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