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Fri May 7 09:51:28 PDT 2021

A new birder friend and I birded in Kittitas and Grant Counties yesterday.  Lots of migrants are in but we missed some we hoped for.  We found MacGillivray's, Yellow, Orange Crowned, Yellow Rumped and Nashville Warblers, Warbling and Cassin's Vireos.  Many bluebirds (mostly Mountain)  on Umptanum and Durr Roads.  A surprise was an adult Black Crowned Night Heron at Silica Road Ponds - on the way to the always wondrous Frenchman's Coulee where we had astounding close views of White Throated Swift.
But by far the highlight was seeing one or two pairs of Western Grebes "running" on the water in courtship display at Potholes - seen from the main boat launch.  There were over 70 Western/Clark Grebes there - the Clark assumed as we did not check all the grebes.  Also at the boat launch there were a half dozen actively fishing Forster's Terns, a Greater Yellowlegs and a Spotted Sandpiper.
At County Line Ponds there were many Black Necked Stilts, 4 American Avocets, Cinnamon and Blue Winged Teal, least Sandpipers and 6 (at least) Wilson's Phalaropes.
At Para Ponds, both Stilts and Avocets, a Great Egret, Dunlin in breeding plumage and numerous Yellow Headed, Brewers, and Red Winged (but no Tricolored) Blackbirds.
Enjoy the Spring.
Blair Bernson
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