[Tweeters] Gilded Flicker or hybrid seen on my backyard on birdbath

Charles Desilets csdesilets at comcast.net
Thu May 6 15:57:37 PDT 2021


I was stunned to see a flicker with a bright yellow crown and nape on May 1,
2021. I was in my house and looked up to see this bird on my birdbath at
9:05 AM. I haven't posted this earlier but I've been researching flicker
species to find out what it was. Unfortunately, the bird flew off after a
few seconds after I moved a little . What struck me was the bright yellow
crown and nape which is indicative of a Gilded Flicker. I was able to
observe the gray face, red malar, and black breastband, but not the
underside of the wings or back. The yellow crown and nape seemed very much
of a Gilded Flicker way out of its' range. The only other suspect bird
seems to be a Northern Red-shafted Flicker/Gilded Flicker hybrid. The bird
has not been seen again over the past week. No photos. I keep waiting.

CD in Mukilteo

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