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Such a sad situation.  The house sparrow I saw was not in bad condition--yet.  In fact, I had to compare my photos with some online to be certain.  I have reported it via the UA link someone else sent me.

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Hi Peggy,

About ten years ago I sent the last bill overgrowth bird to a researcher at the U of Alaska, Fairbanks and USGS. I could not find her name. I believe they isolated a virus as the cause and I do not know if there is ongoing research. I euthanized and sent her a couple of Red-tailed Hawks, a Crow and a Turkey Vulture!




Dave Parent DVM

Useless Bay Animal Clinic, Freeland, WA


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Hi Tweeters:

Is anyone in Western Washington tracking or researching the occurrence of long-billed syndrome?  I saw a male house sparrow at Wiley Slough last week that appears to have a slightly misshaped bill and wondered if it should be reported anywhere.  I found an article online, but it was several years old and did not identify the researcher.



Peggy Mundy  


Bothell, WA




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