[Tweeters] Geese Heading Over Seattle - Ring-necked Duck Hybrid at the Montlake Fill

Xander Sowers sowersalexander1 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 25 19:00:44 PDT 2021

Hey there,

Today we had two separate flocks of Snow Geese over the Montlake Fill
around noon, both headed north bound - yesterday I had a small flock of
Cackling headed N as well. Also of note today was an apparent Ring-necked x
Lesser Scaup hybrid. Louis Kreemer and I are pretty sure about the scaup
species but we’re open to any thoughts. Pics are included in our checklist-

- Alex Sowers

On Thu, Mar 25, 2021 at 6:49 PM THOMAS BENEDICT <benedict.t at comcast.net>

> This afternoon I was out in the yard here in Seahurst, WA (Burien) and

> heard geese calling and looked up to see a long drawn out V-line of

> northbound geese very high following the eastern coastline of Puget Sound.

> I did not have binoculars, but there was clearly a lot of white and black,

> so I'm suspecting they were Snow Geese. Is now the right time for Snow

> Geese to migrate through here? I've read that Canada Geese migrate later

> into April and May.


> Tom Benedict

> Seahurst, WA

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