[Tweeters] Leucistic Song Sparrow

Linda Phillips linda_phillips1252 at msn.com
Wed Mar 17 20:01:24 PDT 2021

Hello Tweeters,

For a couple of weeks I’ve been seeing a leucistic bird at Wallace Swamp Creek Park.
Its black eye and bill stand out in vivid contrast on the nearly all white bird. It has a brown tail and a little washed out coloration on its sides & breast. Besides the lack of field marks every time I saw the bird it had very disheveled looking feathers. For several days I was at a loss for how to ID it but finally vocalization gave it away as a female Song Sparrow. Another park user told me she named it Coca-Cola because it should “try to be less white”
Another exciting sight for me today was seeing a male Kestrel hunting from the power lines at the old Magnolia Dairy property in Bothell.

Linda Phillips
Kenmore WA

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