[Tweeters] Golden Eagle March 15 in Kent

Raphael Fennimore raphael.fennimore at gmail.com
Mon Mar 15 22:45:02 PDT 2021

Hello Tweetzops,

Today while looking at birds in Kent around 4pm (around 25095 Frager Rd S,
Kent, WA 98032), I saw a juvenile Golden Eagle - wow!! This *beautiful*
bird was a lifer for me, and it moved North to South, passing almost
directly overhead at fairly low altitude at one point, allowing me to get
great binocular and scope views as well as some identifiable photos despite
the poor lighting conditions (see the eBird checklist below). The bird
gained great altitude fairly quickly, without flapping its wings, and then
suddenly tucked it's wings, maintaining that tucked position as it dove
directly towards some target on the ground well to the South of me. The
impact was not observable to me, unfortunately, as I lost the bird behind
trees between me and the impact point. That awesome attack caused the
flushing of a conservative 1000 ducks and geese from the area of impact,
and I rushed to the closest congregation I know of (the flooded fields at M
St.), but I found no evidence of a GOEA there, despite searching the area
until dusk.


One of my favorite birds of the year so far, and such a great way to see it.

Good birding all!

Raphael Fennimore
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