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Mason Maron mmaron101 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 11 22:49:39 PST 2021

It's funny, I still have yet to see a Palm Warbler, but I tried at that
exact spot for them back on November 29th at the advice of another birder
who had seen them there recently. I walked around in what were essentially
circles, pishing in hopes of getting a response from one. Eventually, I saw
a pale, greenish-yellowish bird pop up from a distant bush next to the RV
Park sign. I thought that must be one, but obviously I'd need a better look
to confirm. The bird quickly flew across the road to the Scots Broom, so I
followed it, finally getting a good look at it and seeing it was...

A Warbling Vireo. Not just any Warbling Vireo, though; from what I can
tell, that was (and is) the latest record of Warbling Vireo for Washington
State. This was obviously very cool, especially since I got very good looks
of it essentially just hopping around on the ground and picking up bugs,
but somehow I couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed, having just gotten
my hopes up for Palm Warbler. That said, the whole experience was just so
weird from start to finish that I'm sure I'll be remembering it for a long

Mason Maron

On Thu, Mar 11, 2021 at 10:40 PM Hans-Joachim Feddern <thefedderns at gmail.com>

> A nice find today, was a bright Palm Warbler at Damon Point/ Ocean shores

> this morning. Over the years the Sullivans used to find Palm Warblers at

> this location.

> It was found across the street from the south end of the Grand Canal.There

> is a double gate at the fence and the warbler responded to phishing in

> the Scots broom on the left side. It came quite close, "bee-bopping" it's

> tail constantly. It is in winter plumage, but the undertail coverts are

> bright yellow.


> Good Birding!


> Hans


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