[Tweeters] Ocean Shores Palm Warbler

Hans-Joachim Feddern thefedderns at gmail.com
Thu Mar 11 22:38:34 PST 2021

A nice find today, was a bright Palm Warbler at Damon Point/ Ocean shores
this morning. Over the years the Sullivans used to find Palm Warblers at
this location.
It was found across the street from the south end of the Grand Canal.There
is a double gate at the fence and the warbler responded to phishing in the
Scots broom on the left side. It came quite close, "bee-bopping" it's tail
constantly. It is in winter plumage, but the undertail coverts are bright

Good Birding!


*Hans Feddern*
Twin Lakes/Federal Way, WA
thefedderns at gmail.com
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