[Tweeters] Swallows return to Capistron-Fill

William Driskell bdriskell at comcast.net
Thu Mar 11 15:26:42 PST 2021

Today, winging above the Union Bay Natural Area (aka duh' Fill) were a
single Tree swallow and a single Violet-green swallow. These were first
of the year at the Fill for Inge and I.

But we also need to note that on Saturday, we spotted ~50 mixed Tree and
V-G swallows on the ponds across the street from Bob's Corn and Pumpkin
Farm (Snohomish flats) (previously reported by Josh Adams, EBird list
S82523455).  Mesmerizing!

Also, the garter snake den at the Fill is becoming active with the
warming temperatures. ~30 of the forked-tongue denizen were reported
today by two very young ladies.

And there was a report of the Fill's Cooper's hawk pair revisiting the
nest site.  Must be spring!


William Driskell
Seattle WA

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