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Tweets – on my way home from Marymoor, I stopped at the Redmond Retention Ponds (NW corner of 195th Ave NE and NE 95th St). There were an unremarkable collection of ducks, but there was also a BAT flying around the pond, actively foraging.

It was very small, smaller than a swallow. The body was a deep chocolate brown, the wings glossy black. It had noticeable, but not huge ears. The lower ventral side of the body may have been paler than the rest (but the wings were flapping so fast, it was hard to tell).

It spent most of the time 6’ – 12’ above the water, but occasional dropped down (twice taking a drink or plucking a floating bug). I watched it, and even scoped it, for at least 10 minutes. I looked at my phone for a minute and it disappeared.

This was at noon, in windless sunshine, and 46 degrees.

I think this was a Little Brown Myotis.

This is the second bat I’ve seen out in the daytime this winter, the other being at the Denny Creek site while searching unsuccessfully for White-winged Crossbills.

On my way home from the retention ponds, I noticed three TRUMPETER SWANS on the south side of NE 124th St in the pond west of the slough. There was also an AMERICAN KESTREL in the area.

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