[Tweeters] The Curious Case of the Sounds in the Night Time

Louise Rutter louiserutter1000 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 10 07:41:35 PST 2021

For the past few nights, we've been hearing someone tooting near our house
in the night. It sounds more like a pygmy owl than anything else I can think
of, but the toots come pretty fast. The neighbours have been hearing it too
- they actually sent me an email wondering if I knew what it was. My husband
got a recording of it last night and it's online here:


We live in north Kirkland between Finn Hill park and St Edwards state park,
so we're surrounding by many acres of woods and clearings. We have a lot of
barred owls in the area, and they're calling a lot currently, which I think
would be a discouragement to smaller owls! Are any tweeters able to confirm
an ID for us on our latest nocturnal visitor?

Louise Rutter


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