[Tweeters] Possible Silver-haired Bat at Andrews Bay at 12:42

Ed Newbold ednewbold1 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 9 17:23:31 PST 2021

Hi all,
I just reviewed the plethora Bat reports that have appeared on tweeters recently--thanks all who reported them! and thanks Kelly McAlister for the help on which bats are likely to be seen in winter.  
Delia and I had a Bat flying over the water but near-shore on the Seward Park side of Andrews Bay today at 12-42 pm. It appeared to be a mid-sized bat and I think I saw the silver hair on the back so we are assuming maybe a Silver-haired Bat. Other tweeters reported very small bats flying around, so is it possible we have more than just the California Myotis and Silver-haired, both mid-size, in Washington winters?
I understand that surveillance-bias can rear its head in many different and unexpected ways, but isn't this a huge amount of day-flying Bat reports?  I personally don't remember ever seeing Bats flying in the daytime, winter or summer, in lowland Western WA in the last  45 years.
Is there a possible relationship to the regional ongoing extinction of the Hirundines here? The last ten years has had a near-complete collapse of the once dense population of both Violet-green and Barn Swallows on Beacon Hill and the parts of the city that I walk and drive (I know of some pockets of Barn Swallows surviving, and I don't canvas the city to survey these populations). But I wonder if Bats could be moving to fill in the newly developed (and tragic) vaccuum?
On the subject of Bats... Sometime in 2019 a woman came into my store and asked me if I had any prints of Bats.  Hanging my head in shame, I said, "No." She gently then pointed out that Bats are a perfect example of Biodiversity (which I claim to be promoting) but suffer from negative press and bias and simple lack of human-love.
The upshot of that story is my newest poster, Bats of Washington, is available as of tomorrow.  I'm not trying to drum up sales, although it is available at my website and will soon be at my store at 1st and Pike in downtown Seattle. I don't recommend buying it now, however as this is the very first prepress edition and I anticipate improvements. My current hope is that I can forestall mistakes in the final product as the erudite readership of Tweeters takes a quick look at it on the website. 
It is here: 

Ed Newbold | Shop

If the link is broken go  to http://www.ednewbold.com  , then to "shop", then "posters", then page three. 
Thanks all,
Ed Newbold 
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