[Tweeters] Singing juncos

Mary Newlander maresblucrew at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 9 13:17:45 PST 2021

Hi Tweeters. I've been reading for a really long time but have only posted once, 6ish years back lol.
Anyway, I'm a long time birder. My property has been crawling with Juncos this year. I was out with my binoculars yesterday trying to track down the singer of an unusual song (I often forget who sings what). Finally, I followed who I thought was the singer into a leafless hazelnut bush. Then I saw the bird was a junco and said "meh, wrong bird" and went back to my enormous fir, only to hear the song coming from behind me in the hazelnut. I almost dropped my binocs when this male junco actually sang a warbling song. I got to within a few feet of him and it was definitely him singing.
Loooong story short, has anyone ever heard/seen a Dark Eyed Junco sing more than their usual tweet?

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